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Google upgrades YouTube advertising to improve the experience of users across desktop and mobile. A series of updates have been announced some have already been rolled out and others will be rolling out throughout the year.

Now, advertisers and agencies can measure their campaigns and reach audience on YouTube across the screens.

Mobile Focused Renewed

More than half of YouTube views come from the mobile devices, so their focus will be shifted from desktop to mobile. There will be limited use of cookies and pixels this year on YouTube. To avoid inconsistent measurement for advertisers and less personalization for users the use of cookies and pixels will be limited, as they were not designed to target the users on YouTube’s mobile, TV and set-top box apps.

YouTube Targeted Advertising

The ads will now be directed on the basis of the information associated with the viewer’s Google account. The targeting will be based on demographics, search history and user’s previous engagements.

Ads Controlling

Soon, Google will roll out the new option for users to control the ads they have seen across both YouTube and Google. If a particular advertiser has been put on mute by the user, then the same advertiser will also be muted while watching YouTube videos.

Google will be investing more in mobile latest technologies this year. And, it is expected that it will benefit both viewers and advertisers. The users will have more transparency over how they want their ad experience to be and advertisers will have more opportunities to present the relevant videos to their audience.

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