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On February 6, 2017, Google will launch automated call extensions in mobile ads.

Google has sent an email to AdWords customers that it will start generating call extensions automatically for the users who use both call and location extensions.

Here is the copy of the email that asks advertisers to use, “landing pages prominently featuring a phone number,”

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The access of this feature will be available at the ad group or campaign level. It was confirmed by a Google spokesperson that if you have set call extensions in your campaign, then Google will not add other extensions to it.

If advertisers are not using call extensions and instead using dynamic phone numbers on the landing pages. In this case, it will screen for those scenarios for now and will not generate automated call extensions for landing pages with dynamic phone numbers.

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Google has added this option in the list of automated extensions. You may have to remove the extensions generated automatically from the ‘call extensions section’ present under the ‘Ad extensions tab’.

However, if there are advertisers who do not want to pay for this feature, then they will have to opt out before February 6.

For opting out, look for ‘Do not use specific automated extensions for this account’ and this option is available at the bottom of the ‘Automated extensions report’ from the ‘Ad extensions tab’ in AdWords.

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