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Google has released the ability to automate imports of offline conversion data that will help advertisers to see how their online ads affect online sales and other valuable actions, to save time and reduce errors.

Advertisers now can schedule AdWords to automatically upload offline conversions on a daily or weekly basis. Conversions can be uploaded into either individual or manager accounts.

If you haven’t done the task before, you can refer to Google’s help document. However, being experienced in importing offline conversions before, schedule uploads by following the steps mentioned below.

  1. In AdWords, click the Tools tab, and select Conversions. If you’re using a manager account, click Conversions in the menu on the left.
  1. In the menu on the left, click Uploads.
  1. Next to “Source,” select the source of the file you want to import. The options are “Upload a file,” Google Sheets, HTTPS, and SFTP. To schedule uploads, select Google Sheets, HTTPS, or SFTP. (You can’t schedule uploads if you select “Upload a file.”)
  1. The next step depends on the source you selected above:
  • If you selected Google Sheets, click Choose file to locate the template you’ve filled out and saved with your offline conversions information.
  • If you selected HTTPS or SFTP, enter the URL for the file and the username and password to access the file.
  1. Check the box next to Schedule upload.
  1. Next to “Frequency” select Daily or Weekly, and select the time to upload your conversions.
  1. To upload your file now, click Upload and preview. This is strongly recommended because it will let you make sure that everything is working properly before your conversions are automatically uploaded as scheduled. To import the conversions into your account, click the Action drop-down menu and select Apply. (Keep in mind, there’s no “undo” option after this point.)
  1. Click Save to save your schedule.

Also, when making an error setting up the scheduled upload, Google will alert advertisers and send out an email.

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