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Google has announced a variety of new features for Google Shopping designed to boost business for brick-and-mortar dealers.

Google stated new ways to highlight affiliate location extensions, new local catalog ads, a new local feed partnership program, and price benchmarks in AdWords reporting.

Here’s a look at these new features:

#1 Affiliate location extensions on YouTube

Google is expanding affiliate location extensions to video campaigns on YouTube– on top of Search and Display campaigns.

This helps brand manufacturers drive and measure foot traffic to nearby retail stores and dealers that sell their products.

Google said that adding affiliate location extensions to TrueView in-stream and bumper ads can increase clickthrough rate by over 15%.

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#2 Local catalog ads

New local catalog ads on Display will roll out to all advertisers by the end of the month to help shoppers discover what you sell, then visit your store.

“This interactive experience highlights a hero image and your inventory in an easy-to-scroll, mobile layout that helps shoppers explore your products. It also features in-store availability and detailed pricing information.”- Google official blog

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#3 New local feed partnership program

Google is launching a new local feed partnership program.  With the help of this program local catalog ads and local inventory ads is now much easier for retailers of all sizes.

The program also allows retailers to include local inventory in the “See What’s In Store” area in knowledge panels that’s currently in beta.

CayanPointyLinx and yReceipts are among the merchants participating in the local feed partnership program.

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4) New Price benchmarks in AdWords reporting

Google will soon be rolling out a feature which will make it easier to see how other retailers are pricing their products.

New price benchmarks in AdWords reporting will be available soon to show shopping advertisers how other retailers are valuing for the same products.

“You can use these pricing insights to inform your bidding strategy when you have price-competitive products to promote, to influence pricing strategy with your merchandising teams, or to troubleshoot performance drops due to competitors’ pricing.” .”- Google official blog

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