An entirely new and powerful feature in Google AdWords is starting as we are heading towards 2017. This will let users use programming to improve the conversion rate and ad performance with the help of customizers.

This feature can be used to show different advertisements based upon the device and audience list of the user.

Earlier it only had product feed advertising capabilities but with this latest feature, ad customizers are rewarded with new capabilities.

Brand new additions in Ad customizers

The customizers’ capabilities have worked as a very potential variant of dynamic keyword insertion (DKI). It is not mandatory that advertisers have to insert a keyword into the ad; any piece of text from the Business Data section of AdWords can be inserted from the maintained spreadsheet. The new capabilities let you customize the text by using simple functions and codes.


Account complexity reduced

The painstaking task of maintaining multiple campaigns where just a slight variation is needed in the body of message can be reduced with the help of ad customizers. It allows you to show different ads while running a single campaign.

Default fallback text

Now default text is available for ad customizers. It’s time to get over the fallback text. Doing manual A/B testing is a troublesome job as all the calculations of winners and losers are so complicated. Now, while using customizers one can easily include a default insertion in the same way as in default text for DKI. So writing a fallback ad is not compulsory.

A countdown timer      

This feature shows the countdown according to the time zone of your account. And the simplest way to set this timer up is by using the ad builder interface which is present on the AdWords website.

The new feature lets you show various types of ads listed below:

  • Device specific ads
  • Product-driven ads
  • Audience specific ads
  • Location-specific ads

With the help of new features, one can also schedule the business data which will be updated automatically to Google. And by using a Google sheet as the source even a non-technical person can schedule the data for automatic updating.

It also let you display different ads at different hours. So now with the help of ad customizers, you can connect to more people by scheduling ads according to the timelines.

With the addition of new capabilities in Ad customizers, it has become even more powerful in showing relevant ads at an appropriate time.

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