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Google runs with time, and keep introducing products and their features that remains the need of the hour.

The text-only AdSense ad unit of Google retires as the company is modernizing products.

Google notified AdSense marketers about this change through email-

“We’re moving towards richer ad formats, phasing out text-only and display-only ad units to further improve user experience, and to fully reflect the pool of ads we have in the market.”

Google AdSense’s Text ads only” and “Display ads only” will be renamed to “Display ads.”


In addition to discontinuing text-only ads, the company announced many other changes to AdSense ads which you’ll see over the next few weeks-

Here’s a summary of everything that was announced in the email:
  • By default, all ad units will be made Responsive, though marketers can still build custom-sized ad units if required.
  • Marketers can’t create ad styles for new ad units. Such units will have Google-optimized text Ad styling.
  • There will no “If no ads available” option and Google will either collapse the ad space or show a blank space.

Google take note that it is putting its best efforts in knowing the best ways to enhance user interest in ads.

Most probably, these changes are made to make ads more appealing to users leading to more clicks and earnings for AdSense marketers.

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