Google Ads is a paid marketing resource and keeps making several changes at regular intervals.

This time, a Google Ads update allowing marketers to enable call reporting at the account level has been introduced.

Earlier, call reporting can only be enabled individually for every call extension and call-only ad.

This caused a challenge for marketers having multiple call-only ads and ad extensions to make sure reporting were set up for everything.

This update is going to help all marketers to easily enable call reporting throughout every account.

This will eliminate the possibility of having any call extensions or call-only ads without reporting enabled.

The feature is although optional and won’t act as a default. So, marketers who only want to activate call reporting for particular ads or ad extensions can still do that.

This means once account-level call reporting started for the account, the settings can’t be reverted to the start point.

After starting the call-reporting, marketers can either keep it across their account or switch it off completely.

The reporting will be brought to marketers in the next few weeks.

Call reporting calculates conversions and other details of all those calls.

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