Google Ads is rolling out a new “recommended columns” feature that will display worthy columns of data.

Reporting columns will be recommended to users based on their campaign and account settings.

According to Google, when an advertiser make changes to campaign settings, it will lead to column recommendations-

“For example, if you start using bid automation, we will start recommending the ‘Bid Strategy Type’ column to your Campaign table.”

This simply means users will get an option when it comes to add the ‘Bid Strategy Type’ column.

Earlier, ‘Bid Strategy Type’ was a needed column in all campaign reports.

Now, users can take a decision about not showing it and that will be freeing up some horizontal space for seeing more of the statistics columns.

Users will find Google’s recommended columns in blue underlined pattern while adding or modifying columns in a campaign report.

See this example-

Google Ads 1 (1)

Users have the option to add a recommended column or let Google know not to recommend it further.

On the other hand, recommendations of Google can be ignored.

Column recommendations get turned on by default for all users of Google Ads.

There are two options for users, either turn off the recommendations completely or turn off for specific columns.

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