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Google Ads has started rolling out the click share metric to Search campaigns. They aim to have it available for all search campaigns in the coming weeks.

“Click share is the estimated share of all achievable clicks that you have received. The lower your click share, the more opportunity you have to capture additional clicks. For example, if your ad is clicked 20 times, but we estimate that it could have been clicked 100 times if you had more extensions, higher bids, or higher budgets, your click share is 20%. “-Pallavi Naresh, Product Manager, Google Ads


Google offers Best Practices:

  • Keep using click-through rate (CTR) for ad copy performance comparisons
  • Use click share to see click growth opportunities with more extensions or bid or budget increases
  • Use impression share to view impression growth opportunities with the bid or budget increases.

Earlier, click share is available only for Search and Shopping campaigns. It will be available at the campaign, ad group, and keyword levels for Search campaigns in the coming weeks.

How to increase your click share:

  • Keep in mind you have to get impressions before you can get clicks.
  • Even if you have a high impression share, your click share may still be lower.
  • If you’re managing Shopping ads, remember that multiple Shopping ads from the same advertiser can show at the same time.
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