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Google Ads is embellishing its automated bidding solutions by adding three more options to choose from for advertisers.

Three new options are-
  • A new way to pay for campaigns
  • Embellished support for non-guaranteed deals.
  • The ability to manage automated bidding at the insertion order level.

Here are details about all options-

Outcome-based buying

The outcome-based buying will allow advertisers to pay only for the outcomes they want to prefer. Earlier, automated bidding only supported the CPM method i.e. a cost-per-thousand impression.

The new buying feature supports CPC for a campaign that uses maximize conversion strategies or CPA.

Google Ads Display and Video 360 will assess bids to help advertiser get more results of the actions they care about, like conversions, clicks, and installs. Marketers will only have to pay for clicks.

Automated bidding for non-guaranteed deals

Google Ads is also embellishing automated bidding to non-guaranteed deals. If a deal includes a floor price then Display and Video 360 will take that into consideration and makes sure ads are displaying as planned.

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Automated bidding at insertion-order level

With the new option of automated bidding at insertion-order level, advertisers can set the strategy at an insertion-order level instead of the line-item level.

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