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Google Ads new inclusions to the Ad Preview and Diagnostic tool will enable advertisers to know more about the visitors seeing their ads.

The new features will also help advertisers to fix problems added with the adverts not shown.

Filter by Audience

The new features allow advertisers to preview adverts on the basis of the audience who will see the ads.

Earlier, the ad preview was done on the basis of the search query and filter by location, device, and language.

Now, the marketers have to click the Audience widget to choose the preferred audience list.

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Advertisers using the Targeting setting in their ads can see which ads are for their specified audience.

People with Observation setting can view the appearance of their ads i.e. either they higher or lower on the page as per bids for a specified audience.

Sort Out Problems in No Time

Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool tell why ads aren’t showing.

With the tool, advertisers can know why ads aren’t showing and fix it immediately.

Earlier, advertisers have to go different sections to fix the issues.

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