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Users will now see app ads at more places across Google’s network, as the company is expanding them to the Discover feed and YouTube.

Current placement options for app ads involve the Play store, Google search results, YouTube, and over 3 million sites and apps.

Google Discover

App campaigns which are running in the United States will automatically reach users on Google’s Discover who are considered as potential customers showing interest in your app.

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In the next few months, app ads on Discover would also reach South Africa, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Canada, Brazil, Japan, and Indonesian users.

According to Google, the app ads in Discover will reach all available markets before the end of this year.

Discover accumulates more than 800 million monthly active users.


App ads can now appear at the top of the mobile search results of YouTube. This will start from the next month, users will see these ads while viewing YouTube videos.

These ads are called display in-stream video ads i.e. they’ll appear as skippable video ads that play before, during, or after a video.

Table of Contents

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