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In March 2019, Google brought its Google Ads Editor v1.0 to improve the design and usability of the tool. After getting feedback from the users, it has added 4 new features to the tool-

Image Picker

The new image clicker enables you to swiftly browse and choose from previously used images along with selecting images from your desktop.  To make your workflow more efficient, error checks and warnings will surface in the thumbnail before you choose an image.

Dark Mode

Dark mode has been developed to give you visual comfort. If you’re going to spend hours in the tool or looking to switch things up, you can activate dark mode by clicking on the moon icon shown in the bottom right-hand corner. If you want to go back to light mode, just choose the sun icon.


IP Exclusions

The new feature allows you to add and update IP exclusions, making you sure that IP exclusion setting is continuous when copying and pasting campaigns.

Accounts Manager

The new Accounts manager will make managing several accounts easier. Google has added checkboxes in the accounts manager to make it more comfortable to select and open numerous accounts.

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