If you need to learn business management, Google would be the best example.

Google has numbers of products in the market and that also includes Google Ads.

Google Ads displays features that help advertisers create ads and manage campaigns. Now, Google has improved these features which would help advertisers create more ads and manage more campaigns.

Isn’t it great?

Here are the new updates-

Create Responsive Search Ads

Now, users will be able to create and edit Responsive Search Ads directly from the Google Ads app.


New Recommendations and Notifications

With new Google Ads app’s recommendations, users will be able to perform the following actions-

  • Integrate new or negative keywords
  • Pause keywords which are poorly performing
  • Choose all Smart Bidding strategies


Updates to Local Campaigns

New features added to Local Campaigns will allow marketers and small businesses to use Google Ads’ local campaigns irrelevant of the case, either store visits management is enables or not.

Google is also increasing ads in Local campaigns so that businesses can highlight product-specific information and offers.

Ads in Google Maps

Google Maps will allow businesses to serve ads in more places.


Businesses will be able to promote their locations when users are planning or navigating a particular route.

Ads will show up in Maps search suggestions. Ad placement is based on signals such as location and past history.


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