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Google now allows searchers to filter down or expand their search results with a carousel-style slider present at the top of either desktop or mobile search results.

With this new updated method, when you click on an item it not only filters your search within the existing one, rather it opens up a whole new search.

For example, if you search for keywords like [kids clothing], [baby clothes] and other queries, then the carousel shown in the screenshot comes up on desktop or mobile search.

baby clothes carousel

The new feature doesn’t show many queries; it just shows carousel search results for some generic ones. The carousel-style is in its early stages and few of the functionalities filter are not working the way they are proposed to be. For example, when searched for [baby clothes] and clicked on ‘hat’ filter, it shows all kind of hats instead of just displaying baby hats.

We look forward to see that how will this new carousel-style feature will evolve with time and impact it will make on both the traffic: organic and paid.

The news first appeared on Search Engine Land.

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