Google has included a tab to its local search that is dedicated to Google My Business posts.

The tab is going to display for businesses that have used GMB to publish their posts.

To be noted that all businesses having a GMB page don’t use posts feature and thus “Posts” won’t be found in all local business searches.

Maybe the increased visibility offered by Google search results will be a reward for more businesses to start posting to GMB.

See this example-

Google 1

Users after tapping on the tab can go through the posts vertically, and a carousel of images at the top can be seen horizontally.

Google 2

Google started providing insights for GMB posts earlier this month.

These insights show a number of clicks, views and the performance of metrics over a period of time.

Users publishing GMB posts should check their insights to assess if the new tab in the search results made an evident impact on views and clicks.

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