Google in an announcement revealed that there are a number of major updates coming to Search Console over the next few months.

Apart from these updates, Google is also removing some of the legacy features in Search Console.

New Features to Introduce in Search Console

Google revealed that the following new features will be added in Search Console at the end of March.

1) Crawl Errors will now be found in Index Coverage Report

Google is trying to resolve the issues and patterns utilized for site indexing in order to make the list of crawl errors in Search Console more applicable. As crawl errors are shifted to the index Coverage report, Google believes that site owners can become more capable to find and fix the issues much faster.

Index coverage report

2) Sitemaps Data can be found in Index Coverage Report

Now, the sitemaps data will be stored in the Index Coverage Report. According to Google, site owners can easily focus on their URLs. Users can track URLs submitted in sitemap files by targeting and filtering data in Index coverage report.

3) Get as Google through the URL Inspection Tool

Site owners can use refurbished URL inspection tool of Search Console to check and review URLs on their website. Along with offering “Get as Google” capabilities, the inspection tool displays information such as HTTP headers, page resource, and the JavaScript console log.

URL inspection tool

4) User-management is now in Settings

User management interface of search Console and Setting section are now merged. This has replaced the user-management features in the old Search Console.

 List of Old Features to be Removed

Google is removing following features from Search Console. Some of them will be replaced, and some are going away altogether.

1) Old Crawl Errors report

As crawl reports are going to be integrated into Index Coverage report, so the old report will be removed.

2) Crawl Errors API

Google is disparaging the crawl errors API, which relied on the same internal systems as the old crawl errors report. This is not going to be replacement now.

3) Android Apps

This feature will appear no more since most the useful features are now into Firebase console.

Firebase console

4) Blocked Resources

This section is going to remove as it will be found in the URL inspection tool

5) Structured Data reporting

As Structured Data types do not support Rich Results features will not be reported in Search Console.

6) HTML suggestions

Since Google algorithms have improved at displaying and improving titles over the years, Search Console is not going to show information about the short and duplicate title.

7) Property Sets

This feature is going to be removed since has a small number of users.

Hope these updates help you in configuring your search engine optimization procedures effectively and effortlessly.

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