The world of social media marketing is constantly evolving, putting the marketers in a troubling situation to find out innovative ways to reach the audience.

At present, live video streaming is becoming the latest trend to boost the amount of quality traffic and create a viral buzz for a brand or business.

Here is why live streaming is considered a secret of social media marketing, where to implement it, and in what ways.

Important Facts that Show the Importance of Going Live on Social Media

Don’t restrict yourself in using the old strategies as it may drop down the curve of your business success online. There are many facts that speak about the growth of the live streaming market and its importance.

Let’s a look at some of these –
  • 81% of mobile and internet users watched more live videos in 2018 in comparison to 2017.
  •, world’s one of the biggest live streaming websites, has over 10 million active users on a daily basis.
  • 80% of online visitors prefer watching a live video rather than reading textual content.
  • 82% of people love watching videos in social posts.
  • 63% of people age between 18 to 34 years watch live-streaming content on a regular basis.

The live streaming industry continues to increase day by day. Since the day this concept has entered the market, it has shown no signs of decrement. And it is estimated that it would get double by the year 2021.

How Live Videos Can Benefit Your Business?

As per the statistical report, live videos are accessed 3 times longer than a traditional form of content. That means live streaming creates maximized user engagement. You will be able to extend the customer reach by presenting the unique, interactive, and most authentic content that viewers would love to watch again and again.

Using this strategy in the online marketing campaign, you can create brand awareness in an affordable and quick way because viewers will share it and give their comments.

Another ways live streaming can benefit your business are as follows –
  1. Live streaming enhances the viewer’s excitement by providing them with appealing visual content. This helps businesses to extend the reach of their brand story ensuring audience will always keep it in their mind.
  2. There are no physical or geographical limitations to live streaming content. You can create maximized brand awareness by broadcasting your event at a worldwide level to increase the sales and revenue. But, make sure that you present the content in the language of the targeted audience.

For example, if you’re marketing a product for Italian customers, then you must create and broadcast a live video only in this lingo. You may go with affordable Italian translation services, in case you have no knowledge about this language. This is because no viewer would prefer to watch the video if it is not in their native language.

  1. Live streaming strengthens the bonding with customers and generates their curiosity to know more about your product or services. By sharing behind-the-scenes moments, you can persuade audiences to interact with you even it also keeps the transparency between you and the users.
  2. By giving customers the opportunity to interact with you in a real-time through live videos, you can create a relationship of loyalty and trust.
  3. Statistics have shown that 70% of marketers consider live videos to perform much better than other forms of content for increased conversion rate. Giving the live presentation of your products or services turns online visitors into potential customers.

One of the best advantages that are not mentioned in the above points is that live streaming allows you to connect with the intended audience on a human level. It improves the user experience by making them show their participation in brand storytelling.

Which Social Media Should You Target For Live Video?

Considering the growing significance of live streaming, tons of social media platforms have started involving it to provide reach to the extended numbers of customers online. Twitter and Facebook have been promoting products that use live streaming.

To avail most of the benefits, it is essential to choose the right platform. For instance, if you are targeting the American market, it would be good to promote the products or services through live streaming on Instagram. The reason is that most of the registered users on this platform come from the US. Similarly, to reach the audience in the Indian subcontinent, live streaming the video on Facebook is much rewarding because Facebook is the most popular social media platform for live streaming.

Beside this, age and gender of online visitors are other factors that you must keep in your mind while selecting the social media channel. For example, if you have any product that is highly demanded by women, then you must search for the platform that is mostly visited by women.

Tips to Use Live Streaming on Social Media

1) Find an Engaging Topic

Never stream any random content to get more user engagement. Think about something that online visitors love to watch; ensuring it also remains relevant to your business.

2) Avoid Unnecessary Things

Remember that all people are busy nowadays in their life. So, before streaming content on social media, make sure that it generates the interest of audiences in the first few seconds and then dive directly into the required action.

3) Analytical Tools

Before broadcasting any content live, make sure that platform you’re selecting have analytical tools to get an idea of who likes your live streaming and in what ways they’re interacting with your post.


4) Add Call-to-Actions (CTA)

Don’t limit your audience only to watch the videos. Include CTA in the content to allow visitors to remain in touch with you to know more.


5) Increase the Duration of your Livestream

Upload your live streaming videos to social media platforms where users have the option to record the content for a future purpose.

Ending Up

Hopefully, this post meets the purpose of informing you about social media live streaming and how it can make you a game changer in marketing. If you want to reach internet users of all ages, then broadcasting videos live is definitely the ultimate weapon you can use.

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