Are you still addressing what social media can do for you? The power of social media can take your message to space. Yes…you heard it right; an Instagram user can make changes in seconds what a common man would take months and years to create.

People even successfully using Twitter and Facebook for spreading their messages across the globe and the results are topnotch.

You may find people who were an internet user once and became a powerful influencer in no time.

This miracle has happened to numbers of people and the creator is social media.

I will take you to a few examples where social media has done wonders for users aka common people and made them popular like celebrities.

The latest example of social media influence started from a brawl that happened at a restaurant in Delhi.

The affray between a middle-aged woman and a group of girls went viral when one of the girls posted a recorded video on her Instagram profile.

The girl named Shivani Sharma aka @sunkissedshitzu on Instagram was the victim of short-length dress sledging of that middle-aged woman.

“It was hot noonday when both parties came into a scuffle at a restaurant when that older woman asked men in the restaurant to “RAPE” her and this was just because she had worn a short length dress. When the group of young girls heard that, they got disgusted and protested against that older woman.

Seeing all this, the old aged woman moved to a mall where again these girls followed and repeatedly asked her to apologize for their unsocial words. An individual woman also jumped into the brawl and supported the group of young girls.”

But, as we say “All’s is Well that Ends Well”, lastly that old-aged woman apologized to the girls and the chapter was closed. But, it generated many takeaways which we should take note to-

1. Prior to the incidence, the girl, Shivani Sharma aka @sunkissedshitzu had mere 3K followers on her Instagram profile, but after the incidence, it has crossed 63K.

A leap of 60K in mere 24-48 hours, if it’s not the power of social media then what you would call it?


2. It was social media which allowed a common girl to raise her voice against #RightoDress. Do you think she would have been able to convey her to message and 60,000 people would have stood for her so quickly and so effectively?

Hopefully not. Plus, through social media, anyone can raise his or her voice against the anti-social activities going around their surroundings, locality or society.

3. You can become social media influencer as Shivani Sharma became. You just need to use the “Power of Social Media” in a prosperous way.

4. You would be surprised knowing that it was the “Power of Social Media cum Digital Marketing Strategy of BJP” which helped the party win General Election of 2014 with the majority. This may happen in 2019 as well.


Social media may be known for lead generation, but it’s also for starting a new trend and culture. So are you ready?

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