Want to get the best return from your AdWords and Facebook advertising?

Looking for how to get this done in an easy way?

You will get needful information covered in this article regarding PPC and Facebook advertising, focus on local customers and much more.

On the internet, you can discover multiple ad optimization techniques that can bring great results for PPC and Facebook ad campaign.

In both techniques, location, customer zone, conversion and revenue generation are some important ingredients.

More users use the local information given in ads, the direction links, and CTA button.

Keeping these things in mind, businesses need to plan their PPC and Facebook advertisements so that they get more conversions and more revenue.

Here are 8 tips that can help you drive more customers from your AdWords and Facebook ads.

1) Target Your Audiences Location-wise

Targeting your audiences by keeping their location in mind is the first step towards PPC and Facebook ad revenue generation.

If you have targeted a particular location, it becomes easy to reach people from your service area.

Marketers can reach their audiences with their country, state, city or postal code.

Use the information which is quickly available in your CRM to find the location of your consumers.


2) Be Location-Specific When Creating Ad Content

When you’re writing ad content ensure it is geographically relevant and encourages customers to call your business.

Writing a geographically relevant ad copy can encourage consumers to call your business.

Google says four out of five customers want ads customized to their location (city, ZIP code)

Also, the language used in the ad content is familiar to people of that location.

3) Try Different Facebook Campaign Goals

Facebook offers marketers to pick a marketing goal, for instance, Awareness, Consideration or Conversion while creating ads.

Try the goal which suits your ad most and assesses the results.

You also options to choose from different CTA buttons to use in your ads like-
  • Shop Now.
  • Learn More.
  • Sign Up.
  • Book Now.
  • Download.
  • Call Now.


4) Employ a Data-Driven Approach to Calls

When you’re optimizing your ads, consider the strength of data. You can come to know what really drives conversions and assist you in improving ad targeting.

Taking data-driven steps is always better to optimize your digital ad ROI.

You can use for following approaches to get your campaign digitally serve.

Invest in online ad platforms:

You can get ads published on a digital network like Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, or the Google Display Network.

Generate conversions

Get your leads converted in a potential customer.

Determine lead value

Know the type and value of your lead like is it sales opportunity or a repeat customer?


5) Ensure Your Ad is Scheduled in Open Business Hours

You would be looking to turn your callers into end customers, isn’t it?

But before that have a look on a study report “Nearly one in five calls driven by paid search goes to voicemail. Further, 57 percent of the voicemail messages from callers signaled to buy intent. This represents lost opportunities to convert callers into customers.

In order to not waste ad spend, go for using ad scheduling to ensure your ads get displayed in your open business hours.

It’s always wise to take to show up your ads during normal business hours and when someone is available to answer the call.

6) Go for More Mobile Devices Advertisements

Currently, no device performs better than mobile when it comes to business goal accomplishment.

Mobile searches get you the customers with an ease.

As per a report, “75 percent of people who search on their smartphones for something nearby visit a business within a day.

Due to these reasons, you will like to increase your bids for mobile searchers.


7) Use Call Extensions & Call-Only Ads

Inbound calls are another way to get valuable conversions.

When you’re placing ads ensure you’re including your phone number to encourage connecting with you.

Most of the consumers use click to call features to get in touch with the business.

Google also says that 70% of mobile searchers connect with a business directly from search results employing this feature.


8) Retarget Local Audiences

Up to this point, you’ve targeted local audiences, but now you’ve to retarget them.

Retargeting may get you more conversions and you can do this by using their email address or phone number.

Show relevant ad campaigns to your audiences so that they get encouraged to call you again.

You can also target lookalike audiences of your valuable callers.



Google AdWords and Facebook ads are two of the best online advertising platforms.

You would find several ad optimization techniques for bringing customers through these platforms.

But, you need to funnel out the relevant and useful ones. Here mentioned tips will surely help you bring customers.

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