Want to use Facebook Messenger to generate leads?

In this article, you’ll come to know how to create Messenger ad campaigns helping you generate new business leads.

Here are the steps to create Messenger ad campaigns

1) Select Your Messenger Campaign Goal

In the first step towards creating an ad campaign in Messenger, go to your Ads Manager tab.

Then click on Create on the Campaigns tab.


After that, click the Switch to Quick Creation button, if the button is already not enabled.

Then name your campaign and select Messages from the drop-down menu.


Ensure you’ve turned off Split Test and Budget Optimization.

Now, navigate to the ad set level and give a name to your ad set and then your ad.

Lastly, click on Save to the Draft button.


2) Complete Messenger Ad Set Details

Once you open the campaign level of the new draft campaign, go to the ad set level.

Now you’ll create your ad set by selecting a budget, placements, an audience, and optimization settings.


You should ensure you’re selecting Click to Messenger against Sponsored Messages in the Messages section of the ad set level.

Now, you’ve to set your daily budget.


Go for choosing audience in the Audience section of the ad set. In this section, you’ll target warm audiences like video viewers and page engaging users.

Select your custom audience in the Audience section. As custom audiences narrow down your audience on the basis of engagement with your page or videos, there is no need for setting demographic information or detailed targeting.

In the below example, you would target people engaged with your Facebook page.


Now, navigate to the Placements section. Choose Edit Placements against Automated Placements and select Instagram Feeds, Facebook Feeds, and Messenger Inbox placements.


Utilize the default settings, optimizing for message replies in the Optimization & Delivery section.

3) Create Your Messenger Ad

Next, navigate to the ad level of your campaign and choose your Facebook page and Instagram page from the drop-down menu in the Identity section.

With such a campaign, you would go for generating leads since starting conversations in Messenger with potential prospects.

As such, offer a free consultation service or provide strategy session and anything in which you’re master.

Select single video, single image, or carousel as your ad format.

Picking a single image would be good, to begin with, to keep things simple.


Type of image or video will depend on the nature of the brand and offer you’re providing.

When you make your copy, create it around a snap, benefit, and action which will help you convert warm audiences.

The first section of your copy would be the snap through which you can present your offer.

Now, state the advantages associated with the offer, not just the features.

Now add a proper CTA and as it is Messages campaign, use call-to-action like “Click the button below to send us a message to find out more.”


You’ve to enable your Facebook pixel and then move on to Messenger.

This is the place where you can customize your starting messages send to your target audience which they will see while clicking to message you and opening the Messenger tool.

Choose from Standard and Custom template. Selecting a custom template will get more option and easy to set up in comparison to the standard one.

Now, after selecting the custom template, click on the Get Started button.


Now, you’ll see the Messenger setup creation window. It would comprise your message format, customer actions, and test greetings.

The first option would be of format. You can choose Text Only as it is the simplest. But at this sales funnel stage, choose Text and Image to make the best use of the continuity between the Messenger experience and the ad experience.

Use a similar image and headline that was used in the ad so that customers can recognize. Just choose your image from the image library, and set your description and headline.


Now, make your greeting message matching your business’s voice.

See the example-


Lastly, you’ve to choose customer action. You can select Button or Quick Replies at the time of using the Text and Image format.

Quick Replies is a better option to choose.

You’ll have the option to add up to 11 quick replies, but it would be unnecessary. It would be good to keep it simple and customers can choose any option easily.



Facebook is one of the most successful social marketing platforms and offers different ways to generate leads.

One of them is Messenger Ads.

This article will help you learn quick ways to generate leads by using Facebook Messenger Ads.

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