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An interesting session with Nischay Pasrija, Founder, Current Repairs and DSIM’s Ex-trainee

For our candid conversation, we had Nischay Pasrija, Founder, Current Repairs. Read on the complete interview to know how DSIM led him venture his own Online Reputation Management & Digital Marketing Startup.

Q1. Welcome Nischay! Please share your education and employment details?
Ans. Thank you for having me here!
I am an Engineer (B.Tech-CSE) and became a digital marketer post my training at DSIM.
I am running my own startup- Current Repairs since Dec, 2016.
Earlier, I was working on a digital marketing profile at a firm, but left the job in Nov, 2016 to start my own startup.
Q2. So, what do you offer and, to whom?
Ans. We are here to ‘Repair Your Current Digital Presence.’
We at Current Repairs, provide all sorts of digital marketing services, however SEO & ORM are our USPs.
Q3.  What drove you to come up with the venture?
Ans. Let me thanks to DSIM as I owe their big support.
I completed digital marketing training at DSIM in March 2016 and the first big benefit was that within 6 months of course completion, my income got doubled as being promoted.
There was exposure given to me by DSIM; then there was hunger to get more in knowledge, appraisal, income and all.
And, so, there was a shift from working as a “Manager” to an “Entrepreneur” in order to satisfy my hunger for success.
Q4. Why you chose to learn Digital Marketing?
Ans. It was a digital marketing workshop I had attended in 2nd year and from there the interest got perceived.
Q5.  Why you decided to join DSIM?
Ans. It wasn’t an easy-going process.
I had visited several institutes before joining and found DSIM superior in all aspects. So, joined it.
Q6. Do you think DSIM’s training has helped you in profitably venturing & running your startup?
Ans. Yes, of course!
I started from scratch with no partner or person involved and I made it because DSIM was there.
ADMTP at DSIM imparted abilities and so, I felt minimum need of outsourcing any work to any person.
From making website to reaching to my potential customers, I did all this at the start.
Q7. What do you think Digital Marketing has in its future?
Ans. Digital marketing is never going to stop. There are and will be lots of new things coming up daily/weekly you can keep learning for.
Q8. What are your preferred strategies & platforms in digital space?
Ans. For new clients is the ‘awareness’.
For clients, familiar with the industry, I reach them with new ideas, explainer videos, promised delivery, etc.
Q9.  How many points you will give to DSIM’s training program, ranging on a scale of 1-10?
Ans. “9”
Q10. Where do you see Current Repairs within the upcoming years?
Ans. I see Current Repairs making a change & always in the move of giving better digital marketing services than others.
Q11.  Your message to young individuals….
Ans.  There would be many not liking their 9-6 jobs, and those who take themselves as a regular learner looking for entrepreneurial debut. Digital Marketing with DSIM is meant for you.
Q12. DSIM in one line….
Ans. “A Digital Marketing Success Story in Itself!”
Thank you so much. Nischay! It was great talking to you and we wish you load of success ahead.
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