Facebook has announced its biggest change to News Feed in last seven years. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of facebook shared as to how 50% of the news feed content today is populated with photos and visuals. This is why Facebook took another remarkable initiation re-designing the News Feed and made it all so more visually-focused leading your content strategy to change with it. Let me walk you through five crucial ways it impacts your content strategy now.

1. Bring out more visual content

facefeed2 Swamped with enhanced images of every assortment, the entire facebook News Feed can be viewed exclusively encompassing these stunning images. Right after the introduction of facebook timeline for brands, it exhibited 65% increase in engagement with visual content. On top of that this metric is going to ignite it further with forthcoming rich photos emphasis. You might have been posting text-based status earlier however try to convert those ideas into visuals and then present them.

2. Create image-centric ads

facefeedimage With the coming up of this new brilliant update by facebook, marketers will need to think about their ads keeping images in mind. The ads have to contain the visuals, you cannot deny now onwards. Earlier, they used to post with links that mainly showed Meta titles and descriptions.
The new News Feed helps you magnify images, make the title more lucid and present a better summary of the content. Hence, start thinking about the visual that you can present with your ads in combination.

3. Keep it as precise as it could be

faceprecise Not just the adding up of images, Facebook has also changed the way captions will display. Instead of lying underneath the images, captions will actually overlay images in the NewsFeed now. It implies that photos are going to be the primary way by which people will get engaged with your visual post. Which is why you are asked to keep it concise and to the point. Your visual are supposed to contain all the matter that will help users understand it and its worth and take actions.
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4. Focus more on your Brand proponents

proponents One more update Facebook has come up with is that if the users want they will be able to see content posted by their friends only as in they might not see your posts just because they have set the filter to look at the content posted by their friends only. However, we have a resolution to it and that is to focus more on your brand proponents. Your brand proponents loves your brand and do love to share it among their friends and peers. Hence, find out some relevant information about your brand proponents what do they like and dislike, what they enjoy reading about and so on. Then create the post accordingly, increasing the reach of your content indirectly.

5. Create ads that are more persuasive

ccompelling last2 Each new day comes with an explosion of content on Facebook, until and unless yours’ is a unique and compelling, it hard for it to survive on the visibility platform. You will need to work hard to create the remarkable content to be shared widely and get it viral.

So now when you have a wonderful tool and on top of that you know handling it, you should not vacillate in taking off to the journey which is all so more result-centric. Go ahead now, make relevant changes to your content strategy and utilize this new Facebook NewsFeed tool to the fullest.

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