I give a perfect 10 for online classes.

Nishant K Chejara, DSIM Trainee

Meet Nishant K Chejara, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and a ‘Head- Digital Marketing’ at ‘AbbaadMart Pvt. Ltd.’ Read on the complete interview to know what he has to share with us.

Q1. Hi Nishant, you received an offer of 6 lakh. That’s amazing, what helped you to achieve this?
Ans. Thank you! I have an interest in digital marketing. In the past, I’d dabbled in some digital marketing field, but wanted to polish that learning.
DSIM has an advanced curriculum. The training helped me to mold my view or answers to the questions related to digital marketing.
This helped me to get an offer of 6 lakh from a Global Adverting & Marketing company.
Q2. Impressive Nishant! So, how was the interview process?
Ans. The interview process is very clear. I cleared 4-5 rounds. In my interviews, I am able to answer the entire question related to digital marketing. Mostly, questions were based on case studies. It’s my first job and got a 6 lakh package.
Q3. After completing B.Tech in Mechanical, why digital marketing?
Ans. From the last 3 years, I am doing freelancing in social media. I want to learn advanced digital marketing. So, I joined DSIM.
Recently, I got placed as a Head- Digital Marketing at ‘AbbaadMart’ on a package of 6 lakh and I am also handling more than 34 clients projects on social media.
Q4. Why DSIM, what interested you most that you chose up this career and institute?
Ans. I am already digitally aware and I saw DSIM ads on other’s blog. I looked around and DSIM looked like the best option. I chose a Masters in Digital Marketing because I wanted a good solid overview of the subject.
Q5. Well, Nishant! How was your overall training experience?
Ans. My experience was excellent. I am totally impressed with the online classes. These classes are advanced and informative. DSIM trainers are really passionate and experienced.
Q6. How would you place DSIM’s training program, on a scale of 1-10?
Ans. I will keep it at 8 for the overall training program, but I give a perfect 10 for online classes.
Q7. Did you find DSIM’s placement helpful? If yes, please share your experience?
Ans. Of course! I got a lot of job opportunities from DSIM placement. And, because of their drive, I got this job with a good package.
Q8. What are your future plans?
Ans. I want to become an Entrepreneur. And, I already registered my company ‘Digital Media Step’.
Q9. Your words to individuals looking forward to their careers in digital marketing…
Ans. For aspirants: Just Enroll. You will not regret the decision!
Be Focus! Be connected with digital world!
Thanks, Nishant! It was a pleasure talking to you.
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