What to do to get tailored audiences on Twitter?

Are you also looking for audiences which can be friendly with your Twitter campaigns?

Then, this is the article where you’ll find superb ways to achieve your objectives. Have a look-

1) FollowerWonk Helps You Create Tailored Twitter Audience

Relevant influencers, industry experts and even followers of your competitors can help you to get your brand’s message in front of your ideal customers.

Manual collection of these people may prove to be hectic, so you can try a tool like FollowerWonk and get exported the followers of a specific Twitter user.

To get this, you’ll have to sign up for the Target level in $29/month.

At first, sign into FollowerWonk.

For collecting the Twitter users (influencers, industry experts), click and open the Analyze, enter the name of Twitterati whose followers you want to analyze.

Now, choose to Analyze Their Followers from the drop-down menu. Then click on the button “Do It”.


You’ll find a report of account followers.

Clicking on View All will take you to the downloadable and filterable list of followers.


You can pick your followers by numbers of their followers, tweets, account age and social authority.

Click on the Download icon shown in the right corner of the report to download the data as a CSV file.


The exported list comprises followers of the user and also the information account including last activity date, sign update and other information.


Now, you’ll have to filter the report to exclude bots, broadcasters, spammers and inert users.

When you’re going for this, you should also know not all Twitteratis are real people.

Filter your spreadsheet data to remove the users who:
  • Are new to the Twitter as there’s strong chance that new users are bots.
  • Have more retweets, but a small number of original tweets.
  • Posts tweet links only as real users usually communicate with other users, not just only posts links.
  • Have very fewer followers.

When you filter this data, you can prepare the list of people needed for your promo campaign.

When you’ve finally made the list, take help of Audience Manager to upload it to Twitter to make a tailored audience.

Then target those people with a campaign or tweet.


2) ScoutZen Effectively Export and Target Audiences on Twitter Lists

Another option to find audiences to target is to influence them with the Twitter list of established blogs and businesses having strong followers group.

These audiences are qualitative enough to get your business but manually creating the list of them will cause hassles, use ScoutZen.

In order to get desired Twitter list, search out lists made by industry-leading Twitter communities and individual industry expert’s account.

You can see in the following example of Content Marketing Institute.


Once you have got the list, ScoutZen will help you in exporting the data into a spreadsheet.

The tool’s free version allows you to have one active “scout” and gets exported up to 1,000 as a CSV file.

If you take a paid plan which starts at $21 per month will allow you to access a higher export limit and comparatively more scouts.

To export a Twitter list with ScoutZen, first you need to copy the URL of the Twitter list.

Now, click on Added to @somebody/list-slug option button and put the Twitter list URL into the Criteria field.

After that, you need to add your email address and then click on Connect Twitter and Start to create your first scout.


You will find a report of all those accounts mentioned on the list, once ScoutZen initiated the list for you.

Data of up to 1000 accounts can be exported and they can be used to make a Twitter tailored audience.

Now to get this report exported click on Actions shown at the top right and choose Export from the drop-down list.


The report will be available in a downloadable format containing information like locations, follower counts, websites and much more.

You can work on only one list a time with the free account on ScoutZen.

So, if you’re looking to start a new scout, go for archiving the previous list.

For starting new scout, click on Actions drop-down menu and choose Settings. Then click on Archive Scout.


3) Tips to Get Best ROI on Tweets You Promote through Twitter Ads

After you’ve made a list of the tailored audience, you can start working on your ad copy.

Ad copy, especially for Twitter-like social media platform, differs from rest of the regular social media posts.

As you want to get maximum ROI, the general rules of ad copy creation don’t apply here.

Follow these 3 tips to get maximum return from Twitter ads:

Get Your Tweets Promoted having Few Likes and Shares

On Twitter, users respond more quickly to sponsored tweet when it has some likes and shares.

To get first likes on your ad, ask your experts to support the tweet. This way, you will be able to get more likes, clicks, and retweets.

Offer at Least 24 Hours to Twitter to Process Your Audience

If you’re going to use a tailored Twitter list to promote your promo campaign, upload it at least 24 hours before the start of the campaign.

Looking to increase the efficiency of clicks, don’t include pictures and videos

If you’re looking to maximize the efficiency of clicks, don’t include images and clicks. Stick to text and a link.


Building a list of the tailored audience on Twitter can get your campaign promoted effectively.

If you do this manually, it may consume much time and effort, so you would need some resources to create that list effectively.

Along with those tools, you would also need some tips to get the best return on the promotion.

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