It’s a different game these days when it comes to relationship building with clients. If you are a smart content marketer, you perhaps understand the need to have a quick and agile method of delivering content. In addition to that, they cannot miss out in being savvy when it comes to their marketing strategy.

Content is very important for the success of your business. How will your clients understand what the product is all about if there are no words to explain it? Additionally, it’s always not the give-and-take relationship in business. You need to offer something value-loaded to your consumers.

Something they can use even if they do not buy your products. The best way to achieve this is by writing blogs and articles about current topics in your industry.

But even if you might be putting in some amount of effort, nothing can be achieved if your content strategy is fault and if you are failing to market your content properly. Your users need to know what all you have written for them. For that purpose, your content must reach your target audience. Thus, for this purpose, you must develop the right content marketing strategy.

You might have tried a lot of things so far, but most of them might have gone down the drain. So why not give these 6 tips a shot! Let’s begin: 

1) Sticking To The Budget

First things first, it’s important for you to know that content marketing is not very cheap.  Whether you are doing all the work yourself (developing and sharing) or you are outsourcing it to someone or some company, a hefty amount of money and energy is involved. However, there is no point in developing infographics and paying a videographer for silly YouTube videos which make no absolute sense. Then what?

Well, let your analytics tell the story!!! Take a hard look at your analytics and invest money in only those strategies that seem to be working. Many marketers will pay a lot of money and attention to current and buzzing social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, you might not be getting much traffic from these corners. Take a closer look at your analytics, are you paying attention in the right place?

2) Concise Guidelines

Over 4 million blog posts are published on the Internet every day. Content is majorly shared through blogs and the various social media posts. These are very crucial since they talk directly about the business and your customers follow there. In that light, it’s important to follow a certain guideline when it comes to the look, tone, feel and the overall effect of the content. Whether you make it, or you get someone else to create the content, these guidelines must be followed.

This is a win-win for two reasons. Such a thought after content will help your customers understand the value of your business and what it stands for. Additionally, the contractors who will work for you will also know the style to follow so you do not need to waste time explaining to them the thing over and over again.

3) Have Clear Achievable Goals

Like many things in life, a goal is of crucial importance in this case too. If you do not have a goal you don’t know what you are aiming for. In that light, all of your efforts will go haywire, and it’s going to be complete chaos.

The same applies to content marketing too. If you don’t know where you are headed for, you will never reach there! In order to set realistic goals do not have too much on your plate at a time!!! Focus on a few things, just enough for you to manage efficiently. For instance, you can focus on the blogs, YouTube channel and Instagram at a given moment. After focusing on these, it’s important that you focus your attention on the stats and analytics to understand how your strategies are working.

It’s important that you come up with a vision for where you want your channel to be at the end of the year. Decide on the number of followers you want, the number of subscribers and such. Once you have the big picture or the bigger goals, break it up into small monthly milestones.

In the final stage decide upon and focus on the actions that need to be addressed daily and weekly to achieve your monthly and thereby your yearly goal. You must set your goal setting process vocalized; even writing them down will be of benefit. 

4) Make a Schedule and Stick To It

Customers like and appreciate consistency. They feel comfortable knowing what your business stands for and what you cater to. They like seeing a similarity in the content that you offer. However, there must be variety in the content you offer to them.

We understand it’s very difficult to come up with new content ideas just like that, thus you need to create and stick to a content calendar. Of course, the schedule formulated will vary from one channel to another, but that is okay.

For instance, you might decide to create a new blog every Tuesday and then share the same with the weekly newsletter. In addition to that, keep your Instagram feed active by sharing pictures and posts every day.

The idea is to grab the attention of your viewers and audience. Once you are successful in doing that, they will hook onto your content and wait for you to upload more. Now that’s a dream come true for every content maker! The more viewers you attract the more popularity you gain and the process continues. However, to achieve all this, your content must be highly engaging and of high quality. You cannot expect low-quality base level content to create magic!!!

Finally, in order to grab the attention of your audience, the content must be geared to their end, i.e. it must be of some use to them. Only when they feel that they can use your content to solve a problem they are facing, will they be interested in your content. It’s all about them. In that light, thorough research and reading are very crucial.

5) Cut Through The Noise

It is important to know that your competitions are trying to make a mark for themselves too. They too are curating content for the target audience. All in all, there is a lot of chaos and noise. Your content will have to cut through the chase to make a mark for itself. It must get past all the jibber -jabber to reach your clients.

For all this to happen, you need the right hook content. Such content is so designed that it is sure to bring in sales. But sales can only come in when you are successful in building a good relationship with your customers.

For this purpose, you need to go back to the drawing board and start thinking about what all can you do to establish a relationship with your customers? Well, there are multiple things in that regard, but the best thing you can do is to share high-quality content which your audience can make use of. If the content produced by you is of superior quality, if they are focused to meet the requirement of the consumes, they are sure to be a success. After you have successfully made your base by sharing authentic, high-quality content, it’s time to launch a paid event which is going to offer more such content for the benefit of your customers.

This is a sort of methodology which requires some amount of customization and fine-tuning for the success of your business. However, this strategy must be consistent and continuous. If by any chance, you shut down in these strategies it will go down the hill and all your effort will be wasted. 

6) Effective Images and Infographics

In July 2013 Pinterest had 70 million users, 80 percent are women. Amazingly 20 percent of the internet users are women and only 5 percent are men.  This statistic suggests that there is still room for growth in this field.

It is important to know that almost 80 percent of these pins are repins. In that light, if you put in high-quality beautiful images and create infographics, Pinterest can be the best option for you.

Pinterest has one benefit over all the other social media handles. In all social media handles, all content lasts for a given amount of time, which can be months or even years. However, in Pinterest, the game is quite different. The content shared on Pinterest is available for pins, re-pins, and can be circulated over months.

Content can take you forward and can help your business reach the heights you desire the most. However, the content must be creative, of high quality and must be of use to your customers.

The idea is to engage with your consumers so that they can make use of the content you create for them. Make sure you ask for feedback from your customers in your blogs.

While creating content keep in mind that different audience reacts differently in different outlets.

So keep it interesting and keep it real!

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