As an effort to offer support for 360-degree photos and video, now Facebook is allowing users to capture 360-degree photos within its mobile app. And, the feature has been updated on both iOS and Android devices.

The social network brought the feature last year allowing users to upload and view 360-degree photos and now, it can capture the photo itself.

How to capture 360-Degree Photos?

At the top of the app where you update your status, there appears an option for ‘360 Photo’. Once you have selected it, long-press the blue button and follow the on-screen path until you have rotated in a complete circle.


Facebook then automatically stitches the photo together and allows you to upload it. You can even select the starting point of the photo before further using it.

There isn’t any difference while using these photos; these are just like any other photos on Facebook. Users can post them to their timeline; add them to albums, tag friends, and for rest of the activities preferred on Facebook.

The 360-degree photo can also be used as a cover photo.

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