Facebook has now enabled its users to see all ads a page is running.

These ads include Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and the company’s partner network.

Despite “how the ads are targeted”, all users can see all ads from all pages.

One can retrieve information by going to the Facebook page and choosing “Info and Ads.”

Selecting this will make users see all ads the page right now pays for.

Users can report the ads if found anything “suspicious.

Facebook is trying its best to add “more transparency to ads and pages”.

“Giving people more information about any organization and the ads it’s currently running will mean increased accountability for advertisers, helping to prevent abuse on Facebook.”

Facebook explains that by putting light on all ads, and it will be helpful in removing users who are abusive.

“The vast majority of ads on Facebook are run by legitimate organizations… But we’ve seen that bad actors can misuse our products, too. These steps are just the start — we’re always looking for more ways to improve. By shining a bright light on all ads, as well as the Pages that run them, we’ll make it easier to root out abuse – helping to ensure that bad actors are held accountable for the ads they run.”

Apart from this, Facebook is also allowing users to learn more about the pages even if they’re not the advertisers.

This includes those pieces of Facebook information which were not easily accessible before, like name changes and date of page creation.

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