Facebook is to take 3D photos to stories and users can now create them in two ways.

Facebook launched 3D photos in October 2018, but they can only be shared in the news feed as of now.

Now, Facebook has enabled them for their Stories section, although the upload procedure still starts at the news feed.

To add a 3D photo to Facebook Stories, first, upload them through the News Feed as being done currently.

When the user will tap on the share button, the photo can be shared in the news feed or as a story.

Creating 3D Photos on the Web and Android

Till now, 3D photos can only be created on a dual-lens iPhone.

Next month, Facebook will enable creating and sharing 3D photos on Android, and the first device will be the Samsung Galaxy.

Apart from Android devices, 3D photo creation will be done through computers. The procedure is more composite on a computer but allows for doing more custom activity.

Requirements for making a 3D photo on the computer include:

  • Two files- An image and a depth map, the format would be .png or .jpg.
  • Correct file names: The depth map must include _depth added to the file name.
  • Image sizes: Aspect ratios of the depth map and image needed to match, but the same resolution is not must.

To make a 3D photo on the computer, drag an image and its depth map, and take them to the composer-


The end result will appear like this-


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