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Facebook rolled out plans to update its two important advertising features Ads Manager and Business Manager. Both plans focus on making these features easy to use.

Ads Manager improved version will be released soon where updated Business Manager will be later this year.

New Ads Manager

Facebook has started bringing a simpler Ads Manager interface.

New Ads Manager will have:
  • Easier navigation features
  • A cleaner design
  • A new campaign management system

Those who can access the new interface will find a new navigation bar offering more space to manage ads.

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  • The new campaign creation experience will have a new copy and paste function. The feature will allow more flexibility while creating ads.
  • With an auto-naming feature, businesses will be able to customize the ad set, campaign, and ad names even faster.

These updates will available for every Facebook user from next year.

New Business Manager

The idea behind the update of Business Manager is to allow companies to activate their clients’ campaigns faster than before.

New Business Manager will include:
  • A flawless procedure for agencies to onboard new clients.
  • An enhanced way for agencies to manage historical reporting of clients.

Facebook has not given any timeframe for the release of Business Manager Update. This may be available for users later this year.

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