In National Small Business Week, Facebook was there with its idea to help small businesses grow to countless times.

The company said, we already have more than 90 million small businesses on Facebook, and it’s our privilege in helping businesses of all sizes grow and avail suitable jobs.

Therefore, we have come up with tools that would help manage and promote your business throughout our platforms. These tools would be Automated Ads, Book appointments and new video editing tools.

Facebook says, “Our Automated app has been created considering how to create effective ads which can run on platforms like Messenger, Instagram, Facebook, and Audience Network”.

Some of the most helpful features of Automated Ads include:
  • Multiple versions of your ad: This tool helps small businesses crate six different versions of your ad automatically. Facebook will suggest call-to-action buttons, text like details as per the information is given on your page. Once your ad gets active, the company will show the best-performing version.
  • Suggestions for Tailored audience: Facebook will provide information available on your page.
  • Budget Recommendation: Facebook will recommend a budget as per the goals specified to it.
  • Timely notifications about your ads: You’ll receive notifications at regular intervals.

automated ads

Manage appointments on Facebook

Facebook is expanding its free tools for businesses that will allow users to manage appointments on Facebook and Instagram.

You can utilize appointments to enable new and ongoing consumers to book services with your business. Appointments can be accepted online also reminders can be sent to customers through Messenger or text messages.


There are other user-friendly features as well.

Video Editing Tools

Our video editing tools help users edit the existing video easily. They can do video trimming, automatic cropping, image, and text overlays.


These tools can be found in Ads Manager and will help minimize resources required to create persuasive video content for your business.

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