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Facebook introduced Slideshow feature in summer 2016 which lets you turn your photos and videos into mini-movies with themed transitions and music. Now, the Slideshow feature is being tested in Android app.

This feature was introduced as a part of Moments, Facebook’s stand-alone application.

With this feature, users can combine multiple photos and videos into a slideshow and can also add music and customized title to complete their video.

The Slideshow’s Android launch was first spotted by Phil Oakley, writer for Android Police blog. He shared the screenshots and shared, test groups users can see ‘Slideshow’ feature in their ‘Post to Facebook’ options, just above the ‘Tag Friends’ and after tapping on it, they will be directed to the gallery of photos and videos.

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The social network has confirmed that they are testing Slideshow in Android app to Sarah Pervez of TechCrunch. The feature isn’t visible to everyone yet.

It is said that Facebook will make some tweaks before launching this feature to public.

How to use?
  • Select photos and videos from your gallery.
  • Set your title.
  • Select themed music for your slideshow.
  • Publish it to Facebook.

It is expected that Slideshow feature will be rolled out soon to all the Android users.

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