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Facebook on Thursday announced removing some metrics to help users focus on the more meaningful ones and additionally introduced new labels on some of its metrics to clearly show how they are calculated.

It said that in July 2018, it will remove approximately 20 ad metrics that marketers have told are redundant, outdated, not actionable or infrequently used.

For example, the social reach metric shows the number of people who saw an ad with the social information above it, such as noting a friend who also likes a certain brand. We’ve heard from you that this metric isn’t meaningfully different from the reach metric, and we know that the insight drawn from it doesn’t indicate a business outcome.

Removing these types of metrics will make it easier for users to get the most actionable insights to improve their ad performance.

Full list of Metrics being removed:

  • Actions, People Taking Action, Cost per Any Action
  • Amount Spent Today
  • Button Clicks
  • Canvas Component Time Percentage
  • Carousel Card
  • Link Click Destination
  • Mobile App Actions Conversion Value
  • Page Mentions, Cost per Page Mention
  • Page Tab Views, Cost per Page Tab View
  • Positive Feedback, Negative Feedback
  • Social Reach, Social Impressions, Social Clicks (All), Unique Social Clicks (All)

Estimated or In Development

Facebook is now labeling some metrics in Ads Manager as either ‘estimated’ and/or ‘in development.’ to provide more clarity on how they are calculated and how you should consider using them. These labels will appear in tool tips within the Ads Manager reporting table and can also be displayed using the customize column selector for ads running across Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network.

What Are Estimated Metrics?

Facebook explains that its estimated metrics can provide guidance in areas where the end result is difficult to quantify. Real-time data is often provided as estimation based on sampling. Going forward, when sampling methods are used the metric will be labeled as “estimated.”

Reach, for example, is calculated using sampling methods. Not just on Facebook, however, as reach for TV and other digital ads are estimations also.

What Are In Development Metrics?

Metrics marked as being in development are either new or still in testing. Facebook has to test its metrics before launching new ad products. Therefore, the way an ‘in development’ metric is calculated may change over time.

Then there will be some metrics that end up being both ‘estimated’ and ‘in development,’ as shown in the screenshot below.

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