The social networking giant, Facebook has relaunched the Atlas advertising platform, which it first acquired from Microsoft last year. The company claims that it has rebuilt the platform from the ground up and also says that the feature will represent the next step in tracking effectiveness of ads across devices. Marketers with the help of this platform will now be able to track users across devices and even their offline purchases to see the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

In a blog post while pointing out the challenges faced in relying on cookies to track users and determine whether an ad is effective, the company stated-

“Cookies don’t work on mobile, are becoming less accurate in demographic targeting and can’t easily or accurately measure the customer purchase funnel across browsers and devices or into the offline world.” Facebook says, Atlas’ integrated system, will be able to follow users from “first contact to the final sale, whether online or off.”

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Facebook also revealed that Atlas will focus on people-based marketing in one of its blog post.

“Atlas plans to add partners that cross search, social, creative management and publishers to track how ads are viewed and how successful they are on multiple channels and platforms.”

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