Are you using social media quizzes to connect with prospects?

Marketers are using Facebook aggressively for advertising. If you’re not using Facebook to advertise your quiz and increase your conversions, you’re missing out big time.

Brands using Facebook quiz marketing have seen a lot of success recently.

Social media quiz, an exciting offer and powerful Facebook ad had a huge impact on lead generation.

In this article, you’ll learn how to work on the quizzes that generate leads.

Why is it so important?

Quizzes are a great way to engage your audience, gather feedback and build your email list.

You can create a quiz based on your product or service. The quiz can be lightly related as long as the result ties in with your brand.

In the end of the quiz, use an email capture form with a motivation, such as special coupon codes.




#Creating Quiz Questions

When you have an idea of what kind of quiz you want to create then it’s time to fill it up with questions.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when framing your questions:

1) Fill Personality into Your Quiz

Reach your audience as if you were talking to them in person. Make your audience feel happy so that they’ll be more probable to opt-in later.

2) Use Impactful Images for Your Questions

They’ll help draw attention to your quiz and keep contestants engaged. Use pictures that are interesting and relevant; it also makes your quiz more interesting.

3) Keep Things to a Minimum

People don’t have time for the long quizzes so keep things simple and sweet. Aim your quiz between 6 to 10 questions. It will only take your audience about 2-3 minutes to finish.


Choosing the quiz type:

You have two options to execute your Facebook quiz story:

1) Personality test

This test will give you the option to create any kind of personality test you want.  It will be an exciting way of promotion for your brand or product.

Your goal is to create engaging content to encourage the interest and attention of your followers, fans, email list and customers.

And you can also use the quiz app to test and measure your community.  You can use this as a poll or survey.

2) Knowledge test

This test gives you the ability to create a more “serious” kind of advertisement of your brand.

The answers will be scored and at the end of campaign you can reward players which scored the highest number of points.

#Personality Quiz example

Here are some personalities quiz ideas:

1) Pet Marketing

You can engage people to see what personality style they are, but if you use social profile you can also show how they friends ranked as well.

The possible question will be: How sporty person are you? Are you a social type of person? What animal do you like most?


2) Flower related

In this, you can target as many products or services targeted towards men or women.

The possible question will be: What is her favorite movie? Which dress would she choose?  Which is her fashion style?


3) Fashion Marketing

In this, you need to be little creative and you will be amazed at the results and how fun you can make your quiz.

The possible questions will be: Which celebrity style do you prefer? Which fashion trend is your favorite? What is your favorite city?


#Knowledge based Quiz example

Test your knowledge

This is where you get to fill in the blank. You can ask questions to test your audience’s knowledge?

Examples of Quiz Marketing:

Here are some examples of brands from different industries and how they executed quizzes in their marketing strategy.

1- Z Gallerie

Z Gallerie is known for providing furnishings, art and accessories to both professional and amateur interior designers alike.

They created the quiz “What is your Z Gallerie Style Personality?” to deliver a personalized experience for every potential and existing customer.



The company used a personality quiz as a way of getting results that offered personalized product recommendations as a part of their marketing strategy.

This technique captures a massive amount of leads per day which they followed-up with marketing automation method.


Create a quiz that will help you to understand your audience preferences or choices.

2- Cloud Sherpas

Cloud Sherpas well-known in cloud advisory and technology services for the world’s leading brands.

Cloud Sherpas created the quiz “How mature is your ServiceNow instance?” for lead generation.



They used their quiz to measure each individual’s level of maturity, which helped determine the more qualified leads for their marketing strategy.

They also promoted their blog on Facebook with the quiz attached. Cloud Sherpas’ quiz gets in 3-4 qualified leads a day.


Create a quiz that lets you filter out the good leads from the bad ones.

3- Velocity

Velocity is a software company that focuses on delivering leading services, innovative solutions, accelerated performance and increased productivity at reduced costs.

The company created the quiz “The HFM Maturity Assessment” as a means of providing a permanent resource.



Velocity’s quiz also measures the maturity of knowledge a person has, this time on the Hyperion Financial Management application model.

For such a knowledge-driven test, the quiz amazingly generates at least 4-6 leads per day.


Create a knowledge test for your company to not only evaluate your employees but to as a permanent resource that anyone can go back to.

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