Facebook has always been a magnificent social platform for users. With several features provided, the social platform has enabled them to utilize in specific ways. Video and image sharing are two of those prominent features.

Facebook in its latest update has come up with a service in which users can now send and receive HD videos and 3600 photos.

This upgrade is on the subject of the Messenger “HD” video which used to support 720p previously. Now, the latest video quality will be 1080p or greater as per the today’s specifications.  Many of the extremely latest smartphones can even shoot 4K video.

While for sharing 360-degree photos, Facebook users will capture those photos with a separate app or special camera. Then , those photos can be shared as a normal photo.

The identification of high definition videos will be done with “HD” marker in the lower right-hand corner. Users can switch between HD and SD by clicking the marker in order to save data usage.

Messenger will recognize 360-degrees photos with the similar compass icon as you see in the regular Facebook app. The photo-receivers will have to move their or drag their finger to see the photo.

These updates on Messenger are accessible globally on Android and iOS, both.


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