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Facebook ad is one of the effective social marketing techniques to gather leads. But, to procure and produce completely engaging and high performing ad content, you need to do A/B testing.

Facebook has now come up with an easy method for split testing ads aka A/B testing.

The split testing ad service by Facebook has been available since last October, when it started allowing advertisers to compare ad formats, CTAs, and other marketing programs.

Now with the efforts of the company, testing has gone easier and advertisers can know more about what matches to their audience’s expectations. Now, split tests can be made in the Quick Creations workflow, whereas previously it was used to be created in Ads Manager’s Guided Creation flow.

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Furthermore, advertisers can use Facebook split test ads which are optimized for page likes and post engagement and other activities.

New Facebook split test ads combines previously available options like split testing ads optimized for conversions, app installs, catalog sales, traffic, lead generation and much more.

The A/B testing of Facebook discovers the best ads version tested on the basis of the lowest cost per result, according to the type of ad optimization.

Marketers who look to run numerous split tests are now able to duplicate the tests which are already going by maintaining their existing settings.

So, you won’t have to create a “new split tests” from the beginning rather marketers can utilize previous tests as templates.

In the last, Facebook gets a new dashboard for marketers where they can see standard KPIs (CPM, CPC, and CTR) reports in each split test.

Facebook_a/b testing_dsim_image

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