Facebook has announced a new app called ‘Mentions’ for iOS users. Although the app can be downloaded by anyone but can only be used by celebrities recognized or verified by Facebook. This app is actually an initiative by Facebook to help celebrities manage their public figure pages on the social network.

“If you get to use Mentions — which would mean that you are a “verified public figure,” someone with one of those blue check marks next to your name, with a “public page,” one of those pages that people can read but not comment on,” said a report on Re/code.

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The app will not only help celebrities to manage their Facebook account by viewing posts that mention them but will also help them to respond more quickly and easily through it. Facebook Mentions also shows a timeline of posts that reference the particular user. This timeline is not very different from the news feed that you view. It is almost similar to it. Once the users are verified they can create new posts and also host live Q&A sessions within the app.

The Mentions app is currently available only in the US, but the company plans roll out to other countries and verified Profiles in the coming months.

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