Facebook has started enabling businesses to advertise in Marketplace for the first time since its buying and selling platform was introduced in 2016.

Ads in Marketplace can take adverts that would run on anywhere else on Facebook like News Feed ads.

Marketplace ads can be seen next to other products and services and creating them is quite easy-

To create Marketplace ad, follow these steps
  • Go to Ads Manager, pick Conversions, Reach, Traffic, Catalog sales or Video views as your goal and then click on Continue.
  • Choose your Destination.
  • Now, you have to select your Destination.
  • Select your Audience and define where you want to target.
  • Choose your Audience and define your targeting.
  • Select Automatic or Edit Placements.
  • Now go for setting Budget and Schedule.
  • Finally, click on Next when you completed all steps.
  • Choose your ad’s creative format.
  • Now select your ad’s creative format.
  • When you’ve have completed setting up your ad, click on Done and the Place Order.

While making an ad, choosing “Automatic Placement” gets the ads appear in Marketplace along with Instagram, Facebook Audience Network, Messenger, and News Feed.

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