Facebook brings new ways for mobile app marketers to target people who may stay engaged.

Marketers will get optimization options for returns on day 2 or day 7 after the installation of an app to find people who may be using it.

Facebook comes with a 2017 study that tells only 10-12% app users to remain active after 7 after the app download and only 4-5% stay active after 30 days.

This makes user retention necessary for app developers.

Apps that have been checking Facebook’s optimization are by now seeing results.

New User Retention Metrics in Ads Manager

Now there are for new metrics in Ads Manager to measure the retention performance of app install ad campaigns for advertisers.

The new metrics help to measure the number of people who opened the app after installing and also cost per retention.


Retention optimization and new metrics in Ads Manager are now globally available for advertisers.

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