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Facebook introduced Audience Network back in 2014. Now, with header bidding publishers will get better idea that which ad network provides the best deal.

It started testing header bidding to expand ad network in January, 2016.

And, finally brought it after getting helpful insights into the business dynamics between providers and publishers.

Facebook believes that header bidding and its principles will be better for advertisers, publishers and people. All the mobile web publishers who will use header bidding will be able to join Audience Network through its approved partners that are Amazon Publisher Services, AppNexus, Index Exchange, Media.net, Sonobi and Sortable.

The well-known issue with ad bidding is with the way it happens in the programmatic advertising where publishers consistently loose margins to their third party middlemen.

But the new technology, header bidding is more transparent, as in this publishers can see what every advertiser is willing to pay for every ad impression.

The significant principles of header bidding are as follows:

  • Ad space will go to the source that is willing to pay the most for it
  • All demand sources to get the same information at same time
  • Revenue diversification and stability for publishers
  • No ‘averaged’ waterfall, no secret auction manipulations and no arbitrage by any demand source

All those publishers who integrated header bidding with Audience Network in their tests were able to increase revenue of 10-30%.

Matt Wheatland, US Director of Programmatic, Daily Mail gave his statement after testing it, “Introducing demand from Facebook’s Audience Network has made a positive impact to our monetization efforts across our websites and apps. We are now able to access the large pool of advertisers already running ads across Facebook. By using Audience Network via header bidding we achieve yields on qualified impressions that are 2X-3X higher than we receive from traditional exchange based demand.”

Here are the header bidding guidelines for the advertisers and publishers.

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