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Facebook has taken a big step toward making its advertising platform stronger. In an announcement, Facebook said that it will help marketers sell and place “in article” and “in stream” video ads on its “Audience Network,” which includes thousands of third-party applications and websites.

The move marks the first time Facebook is selling video ads on its Audience Network on the desktop web and the first time the social media giant is offering a video ad product on its Audience Network directed at brand advertisers. Marketers have the option to expand video ad campaigns from Facebook and Instagram to the Audience Network.

The Audience Network will use the same mobile-optimized creative that advertisers currently use on news feed but with some limitations. Video ads must be at least 10 seconds long and no longer than 30 seconds to run across the Audience Network.

Facebook is also bringing its ads to more places. Originally a mobile in-app ad network when it launched in April 2014, Audience Network expanded to the mobile web in January, and now it’s coming to the desktop web — sorta.

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