Till today, Facebook has given numerous features to its users for the sake of their personal and professional uses. This time Facebook has come up with another bang and that is, it has started adding ads in Stories.

Facebook Stories have been quite successful within the launch of 14 months span and now the company reveals Stories has a total of 150 million daily viewers.

With earning a huge audience base, Facebook finds it the right time to allow pages to run ads in Stories.

When comparing to Instagram for similar things, it was found that Instagram reached 150 million daily viewers after 5 months launching of Instagram Stories.

Facebook started testing Story ads earlier this month in countries like Brazil, US, and Mexico.

The ads include 5-to-15-second video clips which can be skipped by users just tapping through to the next story.

Currently, the ads bring no advantage to brands other than exposure. Right now, Facebook hasn’t added CTA or click-through but planning to add those features in coming months.

Facebook will also come up with extra benefits for businesses, like, detailed metrics on the Stories performance so they can find whether those ads are worth the investment or not.

For running ads in Facebook Stories, brands need to extend their Instagram Stories ads to this new platform.

An alternative to this is also there, where brands can get their Facebook news feed ads reformatted into Stories ads, with color-matched borders and text at the bottom.

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