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Facebook is improving Messenger for businesses adding tools to generate leads and book appointments.

Several announcements related to Messenger came out of Facebook’s F8 conference held recently. It stated that new features will be added for businesses and daily users.

Key takeaways from the conference-

Facebook Messenger Business Tools

The first major business-related Messenger innovation was the release of chatbot program.

To make a two years ago program advanced, Facebook has set up a team of 300,000 developers.

Lead-generation templates

Lead-generation Messenger templates make sure bots ask users standardized questions to get a standardized response.

One of the biggest drawbacks of Chatbots is their incapability to process open-ended responses, so the upcoming update ensures to generate responses understandable for chatbots.

The lead generation templates will have completion reminders and flawless hand-off to a live agent.

Appointment bookings

Facebook is allowing customers to book appointments using Messenger.

Currently, barbers and dentists are encashing this opportunity. Soon, all businesses will be able to do so.

Other Important highlights

  • A bare-bones version of Messenger will be available on the desktop later this year.
  • Messenger for desktop will be mainly focused on chat, audio, and video calls.
  • Launches “Lightspeed” i.e. less than 30 MB to install that’s 70MB lighter than the current messenger.


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