When Google started coming up with various updates in order to improve the quality of content and make it more relevant, meaningful and useful for the users, people started assuming that Search engine optimization i.e. SEO will now be dead. Just in the same way, when social media and instant messaging started gaining ground people again started assuming that Email marketing will now be dead.

It is not that everyone said the same but yes the majority started to panic and couldn’t see the brighter side of the picture to find out that whether it was SEO or it is email marketing, the change, the updates or the popularity of a new thing in the market didn’t take the charm of the old one but that it urged for some refinement to what was being practiced.

Anyway! We have talked a lot about how SEO is not dead and that you just need to make some refinements giving attention to specific details. Let’s go ahead and talk about email marketing a little to find out whether email still remains one of the most classic conduits for communication in digital marketing or has been replaced by a new channel.

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Of course spamming is one reason that acts as impediment in the success of email marketing but then again it is just the result of careless and ignorant behavior of marketers and if they pay attention to specific details and carry out thing the way they need to be, spamming won’t happen.

A few recent reports

• A recent study revealed that revenue from email has increased proportionately by 28% in one year.
• Email marketing was ranked as the best channel in terms of return on investment, with 68% of companies rating the channel as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’, which marks a 3% increase since last year.

Study: 1

“Marketers are gaining more revenue from their email marketing efforts.”


When it was asked to marketers that how do they rate the following channels in terms of return on investment, most of the companies attributed 23% of their total sales to the email marketing channel, compared to 18% in 2013, on an average. This equates to a proportionate rise of 28% in just one year.

However, when the same question was asked in 2012, nearly half of marketers surveyed attributed less than 10% of their total sales to email marketing. So, if you look at the graph you will find that the figure has dropped to 39% this year, which is a 19% drop in two years.

Hence, the comparison clearly depicts that nearly a quarter (24%) of respondents attribute 30% or more of their sales to email marketing, up from 18% two years ago.

Study: 2

“Companies are still spending just 16% of their marketing budget on email.”


When it was asked to the marketers that approximately what proportion of their total sales they can attribute to the email marketing channel, it was found that email remains an extraordinary channel for delivering ROI.


If you can make the time to adapt your marketing practice to the changing expectations of your customers, email marketing can generate fantastic results for you. However, a few things that you might need to make use of to boost ROI through email marketing are personalization, automation, dynamic content and mobile optimization. Besides, you might have noticed while going through the graphs that that there is a trend where email ROI increases manifestly with increased use of email platform functionality.

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