Things have changed drastically from what it used to be some 10-15 years ago, especially when it comes to marketing.
And, I think the change is so evident that it needs not any elucidation. One can easily make out the change as it is not a story of long back but a matter of not more than one or two decades that passed by.

How can you forget those hassles that you had to bear before making a purchase whether that was a big or a small investment? The hassles of finding the right product, the right outlet, the right price and so on, and all that by either asking people around or visiting different places happened to be very frustrating at times.

But now with the advent of digital marketing and ecommerce things have changed a lot making everything quite easier for both consumers and even the marketers.

Although, for now we are going to talk about the global ecommerce scenario at present however before we go ahead with that let me quickly walk you through some of the advantages of E-commerce to the online business:

• Helps businesses increase sales revenue
• Provides better return on investment
• Is easily measurable and scalable
• Helps in tracking the segment of consumers who prefer online shopping
• Avoids getting outrivaled by the competitors
• Is 24*7
• Has no geographical constraints
• Is an inexpensive way to turn Website into a revenue center
• Reduces Customer Support costs
• Helps consumers make purchases through different payment gateways
• Helps drive free traffic to the website

Well! Talking about global ecommerce scenario, there are so many things that account for a thriving ecommerce marketing.Let’s go ahead and have a sneak peek to them one by one.

Devices people use to shop online

device  8% mobile phones
 10% Tablet
 82% computer

Ecommerce spend

spend  Global -> $ 1.1 trillion
 European Union -> $416.08 billion
 India-> 16 billionTop 5 countries USA- $384.80 billion
 China- $181.63 billion
 United Kingdom$ 141.53 billion
 Japan- $ 140.35
 Germany- $ 53.00 billion

Consumer behavior and response

cb  28% of consumers discard cart contents because they find cost of shipping too high and not shown until checkout while 61% discard because of change of mind
 57% of consumers browse and compare the product before making a purchase
 47% of consumers save items for a later online purchase
 49% of consumers find the total cost of all selected items too high
 44% of consumers find the websites checkout process to be too long

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What people buy online?

buy online  23.2% -DVD/CD/Books
 22.6%-Booking a holiday online
 19.7%- computer hardware
 11%- computer software
 3.8%-Audio/Video Equipment
 3.6%-clothes
 1.8%-Music
 45%-other

Social Signals

socialsignals  42% of consumers follow a retailer online via facebook, Twitter or Blog.
 28% of Facebook users purchase something online via a Facebook Link
 35% of consumers buy products on Facebook
 32% of consumers purchase products online through twitter if possible
 47% of consumers access reviews in-store via mobile handsets

These were a few stats that impact ecommerce marketing and in some way the world. In fact, if you think over it once, you will realize that both the world and the world of marketing are interrelated and that more or less one has to impact the other. The change in marketing will impact the world and its inhabitant’s lifestyle and a change in life style of the people will change the marketing.

Let’s say for instance, now if you can access internet on your mobile phones you will access internet on them more frequently than on your computer for it is handier, mobile and less interruptive while you are on your go. And, so the marketers will need to cater to your needs on mobile as well and make their marketing more mobile compatible in order to grip every single consumer that can become customer for them.

For Your Help:

tips Here are some ecommerce marketing tips to help you enhance visibility and increase sales

• Write and submit articles to other sites with a link back to your site
• Enhance visibility and generate awareness by Guest Blogging and backlinking.
• Write a testimonial with link back to you for a service provider you like on their site
• Donate Review products as that is good for brand exposure and builds good quality links from review sites as well.
• Create an email list of buyers and send them emails with relevant information constantly.
• Make sure the on page factor of your website such as Meta tags, keywords, URLs etc are perfect.
• Create good and informative infographics as they possess a great potential of going viral if created well.
• Create and share engaging and informative videos
• Include image alt tags on all product images. This will help your orgnic search.

One of the best & cheapest intermediate for reaching out to new customers in the online market, ecommerce marketing is really a smart way of doing online business & expanding it more , if implemented well.

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