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Meet Karan Kapoor, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and Founder of ‘EducationInsta’, an Online Education portal.

Get to know here how this professional is working to bridge the gap present in Indian Education System.

Q1. We welcome you Karan. Please let us know a little more about yourself and your startup, ‘EducationInsta’.

Ans. Hello Everyone! To start with; I did my Engineering from Amity University and am currently working as an IT Engineer with Cisco Partner. I have previously worked with companies like Airtel. Along with, I have started my own company ‘EducationInsta’. This is an online portal where students & parents can search Schools, Playschools, Grades, Universities, Colleges around the world. Our office is located in Noida and we are a team of 15-20 people.
Q2. Why you chose education sphere. Basically we want to get insights of inspiration that helped you start EducationInsta?
Ans. Why this; because I see there is a huge gap in education system in India. 1 and half year back, I was sitting in my room and there were three of my friends. We started like “Hume to pata hi nahi tha ki hume 10th k baad kya subjects lene hain, papa bol rahe hain beta Engineer ban jaao, mummy bol rahi hain beta Doctor ban jaao.” Seeking the demand I took combined.
I started giving it a thought that there should be a system where children can go and find out the career answers with their own consent. So, to meet the purpose, we came up with EducationInsta.
Q3. Yeah! Secret got revealed. Now, let us know why you chose Digital Marketing Training and on top of it why DSIM?
Ans. Ok! Yes, it’s true that most of the people see things on roads, but right now our target audience are individuals who are studying. Majority of people have mobile devices, schools and universities are asking students to bring their own devices which we name as ‘BYOD’. There is nothing better platforms than Online, Social Media, and Internet to reach to millions of users. So, Digital Marketing obviously. We need business; we need to let people know about us.
Let me tell you when I searched digital marketing course in Delhi, the first name I got was of DSIM. At the point it was clear that people who have this sort of marketing capabilities, they will definitely help us to learn & grow. And, yes obviously I read the reviews & all and also asked people. Obviously, there are mix & mix sort of availabilities. I saw DSIM’s campaigns on YouTube, Google, Facebook and for initial 15-20 days kept on seeing these. And final thought was that these people are really good, “Charity begins from home; aap apna khud ka accha kar rahe ho to mera to hoga hi hoga.”
Q4. Do you think that DSIM’s training has helped you to come up with your current project or in enhancing your existing business strategies? If yes, let us know in details?
Ans. Absolutely yes! Earlier I had no clue how to use Facebook, YouTube, Google, etc. for the branding purpose. Now, I have the broader spectrum. To name a trainer, Karan Sharma is brilliant. We went there to learn marketing and I am doing it right now.
Before joining DSIM, I was making normal Facebook and YouTube pages with no content at all. I had no clue about Google Crawlers; what they are; how the strategy works in organic listing.
Now, we know how exceptionally SEO works and are using keywords on daily basis. I was taking care of the entire work; now I have a segregated team with Social Media, SEO, Content, etc. departments.
DSIM helped me know how to grow in my business. We are getting more and more views daily on our websites, more and more registrations also.
Q5. Digital Marketing; what you think of it and which sort of calculations it will bring in nearby future?
Ans. Considering the business point of view, digital marketing can take your business from 10% to 80%.
Today, everyone is moving to digital platforms; you have smart mobiles, smart TVs. You can do your works online. And, when everything & everyone is online, you can’t afford to be on roads. It’s needed to work on your marketing strategies and there are plenty of things you need to learn in digital marketing and if you are not accompanying the skills, don’t hope for your business getting scaled up.
Seeing the growth the industry has seen within last 1-2 years, Education system will completely get changed. Everything will become digital. It’s not like that changes will take place; these have already started taking place and in future, these will get on to be better & improved. And, eventually you can see the transformation to make India digital. The future is really bright.
Q6. Do you use digital marketing to gain benefits in your business? If yes, what are the strategies?
Ans. To talk of digitally, we have a big team of content and Infographics. These are crafted on regular basis and we tag known institutes. Also, we do send flyers to schools & colleges and request them to come & register themselves on our portal and get most out of it. It’s actually working. There are big names that have started following us.
There are different ways to do the branding and we are practicing the sorted ones. Education is a huge sphere and we keep on improving our presence. To say in fewer words, we are focusing on Infographics, content and advertisements. Though to say, somehow we also do Traditional marketing in a limited way.
Q7. While doing marketing, which is your favorite platform?
Ans. To say favorites; mine are basically three and I cannot differentiate among them. First is content; if you are coming up with good content, people will come and read your websites/blogs. The first impression is the last impression and if you are not impressive with your content, you won’t be able to make people stop & read you.
Secondly, SEO and Social Media are on the same number. If you are doing Social Marketing you need to work on your keywords also while putting some content and in those content it should be SEO.
Q8. How much you keep as your budget to invest into your digital marketing strategies?
Ans. I have just completed the entire learning and to be very honest, we are spending around 20% on it. It comes as approx. 30-40 k on an average every month.
Q9. Have you received any sort of funding or are looking for? We just want to know the secrets of your finance management?
Ans. Of course, why not! We are three partners; all three are working and we are getting this fund from our salaries. Yes, for sure everybody needs investment. But, right now we are focusing on making a huge database; 70-80% has been achieved and hopefully, we will achieve our target very soon. Then, we will move towards investment.
Q10. It would be grateful to know your experience with DSIM and with how many points you will rate the training program (on a scale of 1-10)?
Ans. Yes, experience is quite fruitful; I have learnt a lot. The intro about marketing was delivered in an exceptional way and I would say it worked to create a spark in us to learn further. In fewer words, slowly & gradually we grew from a KG std. to 10th Std. From learning point of view, really a decent job by DSIM.
I am happy that I spent that much money and have no regrets why I joined DSIM. I have already recommended two friends and one of them has joined. So, Informative, Brilliance and Fruitful are the words to illustrate the training program.
To say, “Earlier we were like amateurs now we are semi-pro. I won’t say professional because you become this by undertaking job/business responsibilities.”
Q11. Glad to know your experience at DSIM! Moving ahead, where you want to see ‘EducationInsta’ in the upcoming years?
Ans. In Digital Marketing I‘ll say if somebody comes and search anything related to education, I want EducationInsta link to come on top. Not paid ups; paid ups can anyone do. I want this in organic listing. I wish that individuals across the country whenever seeking an answer of “Hamare bacche ko kya karna chahiye?” without any doubt they should come to our portal. The sort of repute Google has in search, I want it for EducationInsta. And, I am sure we’ll be able to do it keeping most of the information.

Q12. Great vision! Your message for young individuals who want to shape up their career in Digital marketing or in Entrepreneurship.
Ans. “If you are creative, a good & out of the box thinker and want to contribute to Indian Market, you should go ahead. If you have that zeal to improve and work here and you wish to improve your dollar rates in terms of Indian currency, you should step forward. At present, marketing is getting huge investment which is giving a boost to job opportunities and simultaneously to Indian Market. There are heaps of opportunities for creative people. We have numbers of doctors and engineers; now we need marketers, good marketers. So, I would suggest digital marketing as this is the new big thing.”
It was great talking to you Karan. Best of luck for all your future undertakings.
Karan Kapoor completed his Digital marketing training from Delhi School of Internet Marketing in April 2016.
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