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An Interview with Shilpi Prasad, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and and a PR Consultant with ‘Text 100’

This time we have brought for you, our candid conversation with Shilpi Prasad, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and a PR Consultant with ‘Text 100’, an extremely popular global marketing communications agency. Read on the post to know how she carries desirable and impactful communications with & for brands.

Q1. Pleased to have you here Shilpi! Let our readers know about your current profession and work experiences. 
Ans. I am a PR consultant with 12+ years of experience in Communications. I have handled the Marketing and Communication project for big technology names like Microsoft, Cisco, Ericsson, Airtel, Yahoo, Xerox during my career.
I am a post graduate diploma holder in Advertising and Communications, currently working with Text 100, a global marketing communications firm. I have been working here for the past 9 years.
Q2. What were the motivations letting you enter into this sphere?
Ans. The way Digital Media is growing and smartphones are multiplying; it has led to significant changes in Marketing and Communication field. To capture opportunities that are rising because of this growth and to make oneself more relevant, one needs to understand this space as well. And, so I decided to go for this.
Well, this is not a career shift for me but a career progression.
Q3. We got to know why you chose digital marketing, now on top of it, wish to know why DSIM?
Ans. DSIM was recommended by close friends of mine. I was told that we would have the opportunity to learn through practical experiences and so, went for it. You learn maximum in practicality and I experienced the same after coming to DSIM.
Q4. Do you find DSIM’s digital marketing training useful in your career?
Ans. Truly speaking! It has helped me develop an edge over my peers. The training allowed me to get a broad understanding of the digital marketing industry.
Q5. What you have to say for Digital Marketing as an industry?
Ans. An industry with huge potential! With everything moving towards digitization and Internet & Mobile Penetration growing in India, it will become more and more important.
Q6. Do you use digital marketing to gain benefits in your job? If yes, how it is done and which is your preferred platform?
Ans. Yes a lot of companies for whom I am handling Marketing Communication, require Digital Marketing. We mainly focus on Social Media Marketing and use channels like Fb, Twitter, LinkedIn.
I don’t have any particular favorite. I think all of these channels have their own advantages.
Q7. How has been your experience of attending digital marketing training at DSIM?
Ans. It was a good exposure, especially on some important aspects; SEO, AdWords, Website/Blog Creation etc.
I truly wanted to hear more on Affiliate Marketing from Kunal himself as that’s what he is known for. Also, wanted you would have let us know more about the case studies that companies globally have done. It was though brought to us, yet I wished to keep on enjoying the informative classes for a longer span.
Q8. How many points you will give to DSIM’s training program, ranging on a scale of 1-10?
Ans.  I will give 7.
Q9. Your future plans; where do you find yourself within 5 years down the line?
Ans. In the Marketing & Communications field only; leveraging digital marketing better in my profession.
Q10. Your ideal words to young individuals who wish to have a great career ahead.
Ans. Be focused, know what you want and start early on whatever you want to do!

Thanks Shilpi! It was really great talking to you. We wish you all the very best for future.

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