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An Interview with Tarun Modi, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and Director, Modi Infosol (P) Ltd.

In our latest interview, we had Tarun Modi, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and Director, Modi Infosol (P) Ltd. Read on the post to know how he is rolling out changes & contributions to his 50 years old family business through digital marketing.

Q1. Welcome Tarun! It would be surely great to know more about your education and current business?
Ans. Thank you for having me here! I have done BBA from JIMS; thereafter, Communication Design from Pearly Academy and then, Digital Marketing Training at DSIM. I have also pursued a course in photography from Sri Aurobindo Center for Craft and Communication.
I am handling my family business, Modi Infosol (P) Ltd. and the company is into IT Hardware and System Integration. We have our offices in Delhi, Punjab, Bombay, Hyderabad, Haryana and UP. This company is 50 years old and its turnover is around 180 cr. Along with, we run an e-commerce portal ‘axlworld’ from where you can buy best quality electronics & gadgets.
Q2. Being into customary family business, you decided to learn Digital Marketing. Why so and what was the reason that you chose DSIM?
Ans. It’s been around 5 years I took upon the responsibilities. In recent times, marketing has reached up to the digital level and businesses need to adapt this change. I learnt it to lure more benefits in my business. The approach is really economical and has incredible breadth for any business.
One of my friends pursued digital marketing training from DSIM and he suggested me to go for it. The feedback was all positive and so, I went there.
Q3. What you have understood of Digital Marketing and do you think it will keep on pushing marketing reforms in upcoming days?
Ans. Digital marketing has officially grown a lot. Social Media platforms/Search Engines have brought great many changes for brands & consumers. The approach has become exceedingly productive to bring on expanded incomes.
And, the future will bring its increased appeal and productivity. We aren’t left with any alternative; this is a term you have to get familiar with.
Q4. Do you think there is something specific in Digital Marketing that lets you gain benefits? If yes, let us know the details?
Ans. Every business has different sorts of marketing needs. When we do it, we make sure to choose the one that best suits us.
We emphasize upon SEO and backlinks. It is imperative for our target audience to find us and seeing the bigger competition, and we make sure to be present.
Discussing of online promotions, we keep separation from paid ones. SEO, Blogging, Email Marketing are our chosen strategy types.
Q5. Are there other individuals in your team bringing effective digital measures for you? Also, how much do you bring about as your budget towards this?
Ans. Absolutely! We have a team of digital professionals who handle marketing exercises. SEO, Backlinks Blogging, Email Marketing activities are performed by them. To discuss spending, we contribute around 45k on an average every month.
Q6. So, how was your journey with DSIM? What would you list as your major learning here?
Ans. There have always been instances of satisfaction. I learnt from basics and got a conceptualized handle on knowledge.
I really loved the Traffic Generation and Blogging part. One of the trainers, Karan Sharma was indeed supportive in explaining topics.
Q7. What growth figure are you targeting within the upcoming years?
Ans. This is a business being nurtured by my grandparents and parents. Now, I am representing the existing period i.e. of digital era. Today, marketing asks for altered strategic needs and we work considering these.
Within next 5 years, we wish Modi Infosol (P) Ltd. to become an 800 cr. company.
Q8. Summing up it here, we would request for your message to young marketers.
Ans. I would suggest you to do a lot of self-learning. A course helps you to have best of the knowledge and self-learning keeps it within yourself. Also, when you act with clarity and with the purest of motives, you definitely see the results.

Great thanks, Tarun!
Tarun Modi completed his Digital marketing training from Delhi School of Internet Marketing in February 2016.

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