Are you a social media beginner?

Want to grab attention on social media?

Looking for ways to do this?

Every beginner joins the world of social media with hope and expectation to get quickest outreach.

In the meanwhile, before knowing how to expand social media outreach being a beginner, you should know what is social media outreach?

The article will answer your all questions about getting huge outreach on social platforms.

What is Social Media Outreach?

Social media outreach is a procedure in which Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest like social platforms are used to increase brand awareness, content branding and establish new relationships.

In place of building genuine and beneficial relationships, they make it transactional. They start spamming their partners or audiences.

This is not at all welcomed in the social media world. It’s recommended to build a friendly and genuine relationship with influencers, industry experts and customers.

Here, you’ll see how to do social media outreach without making spams.

Which Account is Better for Social Media Outreach- Business or Personal?

If you’re looking to create or expand your brand’s image on social media, use the business social account.

The account will help you in building authenticity among your audience and once you have set your impression in their eyes, it becomes easy to target them.

Is it ok to reach out to people from your brand’s social media accounts, or should you have someone from your marketing team handle social media outreach?

Do take care of account handling; it should be in hand of a professional who has experience with social media.


1) What’s Your Goal?

Do you want to promote your blog post through an ad campaign?

Looking for more followers?

Ensure what to do with social media outreach first.

Your objectives will help you who should you approach, how to create prospects’ lists and ways to reach them.

Also, make sure, you’re not setting your goals too high for the first campaign.

Initially, it would be a good take to ask your community or friends or industry experts (if you know) to share your post.

You can try as many ways you know to outreach your post.

But remember looking for too big in the first go and getting denied will make your comeback to the same person difficult.

Once you’ve set your goals for outreach, now create a list of prospect.

2) Make a List of Prospects

Now, when you’ve set your goals, you need to be more strategic while creating a list of people to contact.

Following everyone on social media and reaching them one-by-one can consume immense time and won’t be fruitful.

Get in touch with people who show interest in your brand and business, preferably influencers with their own following.

You can use a tool like Buzzsumo to accomplish this.


3) Always Get Your Social Profile Outreach Ready

Your profile needs to be very crisp and free of unnecessary information when trying to engage with people on social media.

There are few points to be taken care of as follows:

# Profile photo needs to be professional:

Photo you are using as profile picture should be clear and not taken from any ordinary camera. It should be a recent one and your appearance should appeal to people.

# Profile should speak about you and your work:

Whenever people visit you, it is sure that something about your profile has caused interest to them.

You should have a clear bio stating whatever you do and whatever you are.


# Be Proactive:

Invite people yourself to increase your networking.

Also, it would be great if you mention on your page that you are interested in growing your network.

This would simply make people more comfortable in reaching out to you.

# Avail the Link of your Website:

For a better picture and complete knowledge, the best thing is to visit the web page.

So, make sure you provide your website link to visitors.

4) Engage Your List

Don’t get started straight away while in very first meet. First get in touch with your contacts, engage them with simple talks.

Gradually after being introduced and have little chat, then only start with professional talks.

It really is very undesirable to ask for a favor as soon as you meet someone.

Online marketing also goes in the same manner. Building relationship is very important.

# Your First Interactive Gesture

You can go with small things, as showing engaging gestures like re-tweeting them, or sharing the blog posts, also can comment your views on their posts.

So, you will put yourself out there in their sight. And then go for other desired talks.

You can also try Twitter chat, as here you get to be connected with so many people at one instance and new prospects may build from here.

You can choose the chat groups in your industry, and show a regular presence there. This active participation would mark you amongst other participants.

Apart from Twitter, LinkedIn is another effective platform. Here, too you can find groups of your interest and start being active in those communications.

# Always Think about Long Association

If you would be inconsistent touch with your contact list and remain engaged with them in one and another way, this will plant a strong foundation.

Familiarity increases in this way and when the time comes for taking favors, your connection would be willing to get associated.

So, never go with short-term relations just for work sake. Make it longer and stronger, so you can reap benefits for a longer time.


5) Ask Over

As, after building a familiar relationship with your prospects, things become much smoother. Try to maintain it so and avoid looking spammy and desperate both.

# Talk in Private

While asking for favors, always go with the option of direct messages.

This helps in keeping your timeline clean from pitching posts, also if rejection occurs, it doesn’t go in public.

A person, whom you are asking a favor, also feels comfortable in sharing their point. So, lots of things go in your way.


# Be to the Point

Have clarity in your pitching.

It should be direct, brief and specified about your need.

It becomes easy for the person to understand.

But, as you are pitching only, so only try to know their interest in the prospects, so avoid indulging details.

# Clear the Benefits for Them

As you are on the pitching side, so clear out to them about their benefits from this association.

Like if you want to promote your content with their followers, let them know your content is better than the others and they will also get benefitted with the same after sharing it.

# What If You Get Know from Them?

It’s not absolutely necessary that all your pitches go great for you.

Be ready to take no. but, never stop that connection then and there only.

Keep engaging with it and in future, it may work for you for some other work.

Using Social Media Paid Ads

Social media outreach can also be expanded using paid ads.

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have a well-managed targeting option that will help you to target your prospects in a better way.

While running ads for your social media outreach, your goal should be on brand awareness rather than generating new leads or increase your follower count.



It’s really tough to get social media outreach for a beginner. With little or no experience they temporize to take actions.

Therefore, they need support to expand the outreach. This article is for all those social media beginners who want to excel on the platform.

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